Coming soon to the South Loop

To my South Loop followers, here’s a little inside scoop post for you.

If it wasn’t for you guys, this account wouldn’t be possible.

Lately I have been working on expanding @mrsouthloop. Posting more about what’s happening in Chicago and sharing my adventures as a flight attendant. But. I will always post about what’s going on in the South Loop neighborhood.

The following businesses have either been announced or have signed a lease agreement to come to the South Loop.

For example: Gong Cha, Tata’s, and Coil Beauty have signage in their windows saying coming soon.

X Golf has South Loop coming soon listed on their locations.

And a leasing site has Five Below listed.

Now I spend a lot of time researching what’s happening in the neighborhood. Walking Addison around the neighborhood when I’m home. Looking up permits and leasing sites online. Sometimes even emailing retailer leasing agents trying to get the inside scoop!

I’m so excited over 19 businesses are coming soon to the South Loop! I can’t wait for the continued growth and success of our neighborhood!

  • Now there might be a few businesses I forgot to include. I’m sorry!

Also, some deals could also fall through. You never know.

Here’s the list!

Gong Cha, Bubbles & Brew, Museum of Dream Space, X Golf, Five Below, American Mattress, Food Rocket, Millions Crab, Dispensary 33, Coil Beauty, Hops & Scotch, Partners Animal Hospital, Tata’s Tacos, Entree, Tak Korean Bistro, Taipei Cafe Ramen, Paris Baguette, Decadent Dessert Bar, Spoke and Bird Printers Row.

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